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  1. I’ve been doing counciling for 4months for 4hours a week to help me get back to work . Theirs so many layers of hidden shit from ptsd that’s coming out . I was asked to focusing on letting my emotions go when it comes to adults. Now there coming out and my thoughts and the things I’m seeing are worse than before. The help line doesn’t help me so I’m at a loss and I think I deserve a break forever . Cause twenty six years of this is more than I can handle

  2. So I’m assuming that a shit load prazosin 2mg and about 30 valume 10MG and twenty lorazepan 1mg and 40 quetiapine/ seriquil 100 mg plus I’ve already drank a half of a liter of whiskey and hoping to enjoy every last drop. Is this enough to send me to rest for good

  3. My world is fine bla bla bla I’ve told that lie til I’m sick of talking. I’m ready to check out but don’t want to do it myself. Guess I’m weak. I don’t want to die a horrible death just go quickly and quietly. I’ve thought about it for 30 years now so what do I do

  4. Im from Philippines
    I had stroke since then i feel my life is miserable. I cant work properly. Minimum wage, i really cant work to be honest. Everyone thinks that im ok. But inside me i feel very weak. I do it because i need it. No body cares about me no body love me. Nobody even god abandoned me. I need help. I know im a strong person but if i dont have somebody i cannot live.
    My family dont love me
    My parents the person i love i dont have friends.

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