9 (Semi-Negative)Things You Don’t Really Need to Know About Me

As part of the rules for accepting the Versatile Blogger Award I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself. Most people tend to frame themselves in a positive light. Since I’m on a role with breaking the rules, I’m going to tell you 9 semi-negative things about me. Enjoy!

1)   I am an incredibly private person

This seems counterintuitive considering I write a blog about myself on the internet. But I am, it’s true. I don’t know why or how this came to be. I just don’t like sharing too much unnecessary information about myself. That’s part of the reason why I don’t tell people in real life about my Bipolar Disorder. And it’s part of the reason some people didn’t know quite how crazy I was back in 2008.

2)   I just decided one day I wanted to write a blog

I don’t really know how or why. I just had an idea one day that it would be cool to start a website about living with Bipolar. I wanted to provide information that I would’ve liked to read when I was first diagnosed; something that was real, less superficial, more in-depth than the stuff I did read. Something positive, and encouraging. A place where people could go and feel a little better about things, maybe even a little hope.

3)   I once took a personality test and scored 7/100 on the subscale “Trust”.

I also scored highly on the “Suspicious” subscale. So basically, I don’t trust people easily and I’m highly suspicious. What a great combo!

Take the test, here.

4)   I didn’t read blogs prior to starting my own

That’s weird, I know. So when I said I just had an idea one day, it wasn’t because I was going around reading blog after blog on the internet. In fact, I never read any. The idea literally just popped into my head (all of my best one’s do).

I suspect it was a form of denial. I just wasn’t interested, I didn’t care, and the fact other people were suffering and going through the same thing made absolutely no difference to me. Things have changed since then (i.e., I read blogs all the time, and I care more than I ever could have imagined!)

5)   I’m bossy 

Like really bossy, particularly with animals. My horse is incredibly well behaved because of this. I generally despise other people’s animals (especially horses) because they don’t train them to the standard to which I am accustomed.

6)   I like to train animals

This goes hand in hand with being bossy. I’m into discipline – I don’t mean abusive – I mean hard, unrelenting but fair. I’ve been training animals since I was a little girl. Give me a dog and I’ll teach it some tricks. It’s just what I do.

7)   I detest doing favours for people 

This makes me sound like a real bitch.

It’s not like I hate doing favours but want others to do them for me. I don’t like asking people for favours either. I feel uncomfortable about it. And if someone does something for me then I feel a sense of duty to repay them. Give me a dollar and I’ll freak out if I don’t pay you back.

8)   “No” is my favourite word

Some people have trouble saying, “no”. I don’t.

9) Even though I’ve made myself sound pretty rude, I’m actually really polite.

I’m also really good at calming down angry customers. I consider that a talent.

Now I’ve told you 9 things about me, please tell me something I don’t need to know about you. Positive or negative. It’s up to you! 


The Bipolar Project Nominated for Two Awards (Really?!)

In the past few months I have been so kindly nominated for two awards:

The Leibster Blog award by Shauna from Bipolar2Happiness, and the Versatile Blogger award by both Shauna and Luna from As The Pendulum Swings.

In my typical fashion, I received these nominations and agonised over who I am going to nominate. One thing that tends to come in handy when dealing with me is knowledge of the fact I love to abide by the rules, and I feel sorta weird when I don’t. So, for that reason I have been wracking my brains over who I want to nominate and it has gotten completely out of hand.

So, screw the rules! If I stick by them and nominate a whole host of people then nothing is ever going to come of this. Right now I probably look very ungrateful.

But actually, I am very grateful and very thankful that both Shauna and Luna thought to nominate me. I have found you both to be so supportive, encouraging and interesting. I am honoured to have met you, and to have you as loyal readers. Thanks guys!

My Nominations

Because I have procrastinated way too long already I am going to nominate one blog for each award.

For the Liebster Blog Award I would like to nominate Mental Health Talk. My friend Trish is the creator of this fantastic website that features valuable information from those who have experienced mental illness. My nomination for this award goes not only to Trish who’s bright idea and hard work has led to the creation of Mental Health Talk, but also to all those individuals who have been brave enough to contribute!

For this award I am going to nominate Sirius Project. I recently discovered this blog and love everything about it! The Sirius Project aims to provide information in a self-help format to assist people in recovering from mental illness.

If you haven’t already, I urge you to check out both websites.

The rules of the Versatile Blogger award state I must list seven things about me. I’ve already told you one (the thing about liking to follow the rules). Since I’m screwing the rules today how about we make it interesting – what do you want to know about me?

Read the rules for the Liebster Blog Award, and the Versatile Blogger Award.