I’m down to 150mg Quetiapine! This is how it went…

Pills150mg Quetiapine (aka Seroquel) per night

Do you see that? One-hundred and fifty milligrams. It’s taken me three years to get here. In case you don’t remember, here’s a brief recap of my journey:


I started at 400mg with a whole host of uncomfortable symptoms, like having my heart beat so loudly half an hour after taking the drug I thought I might have a heart attack (and no, it wasn’t a panic attack), and involuntary muscle spasms and twitches throughout my body that promoted concern of Tardive Dyskinesia. Needless to say, my psychiatrists were supportive of reducing my medication. I ended the year at 300mg.


Twenty-twelve started with a bang. I reduced my medication to 275mg and came off my contraceptive pill – this was a big mistake. As soon as I did that my mood was all over the place. I started rapid cycling, got that under control by going back on the pill and upping back up to 300mg of Quetiapine, and then had a hypomanic episode that ended with a brief depression. Then I found out my partner had cheated on me and all hell broke loose. The rest of the year was basically jumping from one panic attack to another, intermingled with severe anxiety and Misery. Sigh. I ended year on 200mg Quetipine.


The anxiety continued until about mid-year when I was too physically ill to sustain that level of intensity. I was worn out. Quit life and lay in bed for about six months, because I was really, really ill (physically). I was probably depressed but not in a “bipolar” kind of way. In a “my life is shit” kind of way. Later in the year I started on steroids and a miracle happened, I started to get better (oh so slowly). I even felt happiness with increasing frequency. Boy that felt weird.

2014 So Far…

Has been fabulous, in comparison to how bad things were during the previous two years. I’m still not right physically but I’m getting better all the time and I feel happy more often than I feel miserable. I’m on a health kick too. Eating a wholefood, vegetarian diet, learning how to do mindfulness, walking and doing yoga most days. Finally, recovery seems possible, even if it’s only a blip on the horizon. And, I’m now on 150mg. Getting here was easier than I thought. I’ve had no obvious side effects from the reduction and my mood and energy levels increase the further I go down. I’m so close to 100, so close to finally getting off this drug and seeing if I can stay off it. Woohoo!

If you could sum up the last three years in a few words, what would you say?

P.S I still only go down in 6.25mg increments once or twice a week. Plus, my writing will be remaining sporadic, I’m working on a new project 🙂


4 thoughts on “I’m down to 150mg Quetiapine! This is how it went…

  1. Hey,
    This is really interesting, thanks for sharing! I was on 800mg (!!) Quetiapine back in mid 2012. I’m now on 200mg and have been for nearly a week. It’s kind of hard to notice the difference, although my sleep has been fitful and not great. I’m still on Lithium & Pregabalin so I guess the effects are filtered through those.

    but it’s nice to know somebody else is going down the same road successfully 🙂 I mean the whole reason I’m here is because I’m a little nervous about the reduction in dose!

  2. Hey there… Just wondering how you are doing… Long time since last post…
    I on the same boat.. Going down on Seroquel… Hoq are y feeling?

  3. Im killing myself tonight. Gonna hang myself in front of the school and post a pic of the noose on facebook so everyone knows. Good job though. Atleast someones happy…

  4. Hi to everyone, I am bipolar as is my son. He had a massive break in 2017. He had been on Latuda for about 5 years. We (his family) started to notice things and strated to be con concerned that something was out of whack. My son had come home for awhile while he was looking for a new condo.
    When he started living here we really became aware something was really wrong. He went to his GP and dose was increased by 20mg. Now things really started to go wrong. Bottom line he ended up in the icu. He had sever pneumonia. We had been trying to get him to go to his DR but met with extream denial and refusal to see his DR. He ended up in hospital where he was diagnosed with sever pneumonia. He had to incubated. He was there for a month. Very scary but enough said.
    As the DR’s worked to save him all the recent events and our concern about the latuda we started speaking with the psychiatrists.
    They were shocked that he had been put on latuda as it was absolutely the wrong drug for him and had had psychotic break brought on by latuda. We were told this by no less than five (5) psychiatrists who specialize in the treatment of bipolar individuals. It had not only compromised his health with all it’s nasty side affects, he had absolutely no way to know or access what was going on. It was like he was on a extremely bad drug trip. Clearing is body of the Latuda and trying to bring him up out of the induced coma was exceedingly difficult again due to the Latuda. If I say he nearly died says it.
    Now he is on sirquel(400mg) & on 300 mg lithium orinally 600mg but again reduced to 300mg) now he complaint about the extream sense of fatigue and the body tremors are starting up again. He works in an extreamly demanding business where the shakes would be very observable and not very well received.
    Reading your stories has been very helpful. He will see his psychiatrist in a few days and I will be sharing your experiences. It will be very helpful or the future.

    Thank you all for being so brave in sharing yours it will really us.

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