Changes afoot: Choose when you want me to post!

As you know, Bipolar hasn’t been much of an issue for me for a while now.  In April last year I had a hypomanic episode but before that and since then things have been pretty stable (assuming the misery associated with massive life events is not a bipolar depression, just a normal reaction). It’s there but it’s very much in the background these days. I am lucky.

After my hiatus from The Bipolar Project I’ve come back with a renewed energy to continue on, improve and expand the blog and its content. With my training in psychology I’m in a unique position to provide reliable information to people who do not have the same training and access as I do; information not only based on my own experiences but also on scientific research. One of the ways I want to use my background is to start a series called “Bipolar Explained” to help people better understand the condition. There’s plenty of information out there, but this will have my own little twist to it.

 But here’s the most important part.

  1. I need a regular posting day! I’ve been agonising over the decision for several weeks and it finally dawned on me that you’re reading it, so I should leave the decision up to you. In the poll below please choose the day you want posts to magically appear online. At this stage I’ll only be posting once per week (woohoo!) but the runner up day will be a day that I’ll post if I feel like it.

I want to know where you would like to see this blog headed. What do you want to read about most? What are you favourite and least favourite parts of the blog as it is? And do you think it would be interesting and enjoyable if I expanded to content to reflect chronic illness more generally, as opposed to solely focusing on Bipolar Disorder? Please let me know in the comments below (or you can email me at if you want to write a novel about it – I promise I’ll read it). Feel free to make as many votes as you want.


Your comments and feedback are always so appreciated. I love to talk to you guys via the blog, so thank you for reading my blog and showing me support. You are awesome!

P.S I’m also in the planning stages of creating a non-anonymous blog about psychology. It would be focused on well-being, health and reaching our full potential. Plus, I’d talk about my own research, that of my colleagues and there would be some more topical posts too.


7 thoughts on “Changes afoot: Choose when you want me to post!

  1. I’ve just started reading your blog like… 10 minutes ago but I really like what I read. I would probably like to read more about coping techniques and experiences with mental illness, especially as it blends in with your personal experiences. I try to the same on my own blog… that and I like the idea of posting on Mondays, id call it “Manic Mondays” lol

    • Thanks for your support Joe. Not sure when it will eventuate yet, probably after I’ve got my masters degree but I’ll be happy to email you the link when it’s up. For obvious reasons, I won’t be posting it on this blog in case someone I know in real life happens upon it..One day I’ll come out of the closet….maybe…

  2. I have one “pet topic” that I would love to hear about: For women, it is a statistical fact that bipolarism usually worsens appreciably in their late thirties, or during perimenopause in general. For people who do well with bipolar in their twenties, etc., this can be a rude awakening and practically wreck your life. Little is written about this terrible fact.

    • Hi Tino,

      Thanks for your suggestion. This is an interesting topic and not one I know much about myself, being mid-20s and I would be keen to learn more about it.

      I assume that his is something you have experienced yourself? If so, I’d love to hear more about your experience if you’re up for sharing it with me. You can email me at – whenever you’ve got a spare moment would be fine. And if you don’t want to, it’s all good 🙂

  3. I agree with Tino….would love to hear more about this topic as I was recently diagnosed Bipolar II at the age of 48 and I am perimenopausal as well.

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