Early-Onset Bipolar: Making Meaning out of Chaos

Recently, I finished writing a guest post for my friend Trish at Mental Health Talk.

I would love it if you could please visit her, read my post, and leave me a comment to let me know what you think about my post, and what my post made you think about.

You can read my post here: Early-Onset Bipolar: Making Meaning out of Chaos.

I hope to see you all there!

As for me, things have been a bit quiet at my end. In this case, it’s a good thing. I’ve been busy getting ready to go back to university, and I haven’t had much to write about – or at least – I can’t think of much to write about (I’m finding Bipolar a little tedious at the moment). I am still on 275mg of Quetiapine. I feel relatively safe here, for now. Who knows when the withdrawal will begin, but it will…at some point.

11 thoughts on “Early-Onset Bipolar: Making Meaning out of Chaos

  1. Sara,
    Your writing is so honest and endearing. I could only hope to be a writer of your caliber and since I am forty years your senior- it’s highly unlikely! You have a rare gift to possess the ability to put your thoughts into words that touch so many.

  2. It must be hard to re-live the past and write about it. I find it hard myself, because there were stuff I’d rather not remember, but what I find is that by finally putting it down in words, well i would manifest in them for a good few days but then I realised I have survived that ordeal, and writing it down helps me come to terms with it.
    It is very well-composed, Sara. Someone very dear to me is going through what you have gone through, feeling exactly the same way as you did. You questioned somewhere in your blog if there was a reason to blog and tell about it, well, yes, so that those who feels the same way as you did could find a speck of hope and light for themselves. keep it going x

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